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BabyCool leads the way in crafting innovative and organic baby food. We proudly source local, pristine ingredients from Northern Europe, prioritizing premium quality for your little ones while simplifying meal prep. As creators and manufacturers of baby meals, we ensure uncompromised excellence, offering both frozen puree cubes and convenient freeze-dried puree powders.

Babycool baby food puree cubes.

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Cooperation with researchers

BabyCool baby food products have been developed in cooperation with researchers from the Estonian University of Life Sciences and TFTAK –  Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies.

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Each raw material is in a separate package

This gives an opportunity to mix a puree with components that you find suitable for your baby.

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No additives used

No salt, sugar, flavour enhancers, preservatives, food thickeners, concentrated juices, or other additives are used in production.

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Organic raw ingredients

The organic raw ingredients are sourced from organic farming and have been grown in the pristine nature of Northern Europe.

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The package

Very easy to use and the package is resealable. Resealable package ensures the baby food preservation.

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The products are frozen or freeze dried

This means that products need only minimal heat treating.
It also allows for better preservation of nutrients and vitamins.

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BabyCool Ltd

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Estonia, EU

VAT no. EE101984423